Home Care Worker Wage Parity

Updates: Home Care Worker Wage Parity

Joint Association Letter on Quality Incentive Vital Access Provider Pool (QIVAPP) Funding

LeadingAge NY, along with the New York State Health Care Providers and the Home Care Association of New York State, sent another letter to the Department of Health (DOH) registering our concerns with the latest interpretation of provider eligibility for QIVAPP funds. This is the second joint letter since May 2014.

As of April 29, DOH posted Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) which stated a minimum of 30% of provider’s workforce MUST be enrolled in the health benefit to qualify for QIVAPP funding. This announcement comes days before Fri., May 1, when the attestation forms were due. Many members had spent considerable time and resources in completing the requirements to be a part of the QIVAPP funding. As mentioned in the letter, this undermines providers offering health benefits and their workforce choosing not to participate in health coverage but to take a higher wage.

We ask that DOH rescind this interpretation, work with the home care associations on a long term strategy to support home care providers and establish a workgroup consisting of associations, providers, plans and other stakeholders to examine and recommend reimbursement rates.

Wage Parity Forms Due Mon., June 1

The Home Care Worker Wage Parity forms are due Mon., June 1 for Licensed Home Care Service Agencies (LHCSAs). Please use the updated forms that were posted by the DOH in Feb. 2015. As we have previously reported, three of the forms certifying compliance with the law must be submitted annually.

The last form, Attachment A-4 (PDF), is for Licensed Home Care Service Agencies (LHCSAs). MCOs, CHHAs and LTHHCPs who have contracts with LHCSAs must obtain this form from the LHCSA on a quarterly basis. This form, which is completed by the LHCSA, is then sent to the MCOs, CHHAs and/or LTHHCPs, not to DOH. This is for the time period of June 1, through August 31, 2105.