Home Care Worker Wage Parity

2015 Home Care Worker Wage Parity Implementation Forms

On Thurs., Feb. 26, the Department of Health (DOH) posted the updated 2015 Home Care Worker Wage Parity Implementation Forms. As you may be aware, three of the forms certifying compliance with the law must be submitted annually via email to HCWorkerParity@health.state.ny.us by this past Sun., March 1, 2015. Those forms are:

The last form, Attachment A-4 (PDF), is for Licensed Home Care Service Agencies (LHCSAs). MCOs, CHHAs and LTHHCPs who have contracts with LHCSAs must obtain this form from the LHCSA on a quarterly basis. This form, which is completed by the LHCSA, is then sent to the MCOs, CHHAs and/or LTHHCPs, not to DOH. LeadingAge NY has continuously advocated for consistency and has requested that A-4 be submitted annually.

If members have already submitted the old 2014 forms certifying compliance, DOH is now requesting that you re-submit the 2015 forms.

Please note, if you experience difficulty accessing the 2015 forms you might need to clear your cookies, cache, forms and search history. Please notify your IT resources if you need help with this process.